About Us

Retrofit - Israel's leading green building company

SEP Retrofit is one of the very few firms in Israel and in the Middle East region that works exclusively with a singular focus on sustainability, energy, and environmental design in the built environment. SEP Retrofit is currently consulting for 200 projects spread over hundreds of thousands of square feet of green buildings and providing various sustainability related services.

Our service to entrepreneurs, architects, planning companies and public bodies includes:

Green Building Consultants - Standard 5281

Microclimate - Shading and wind test CFD

Thermal consultation according to Standard 5282 + Standard 1045

Environmental Quality Consulting and the 360 for town planning scheme

Proudly seated at the cutting edge of sustainability, SEP Retrofit bring its’ diverse knowledge and wide range of industry relationships to every project. We assess projects early with an aim to determine the most cost-effective sustainable strategies using an integrated approach to building systems and site elements. Not only are our professionals technically proficient, but also understand the importance of patience and communication. Overall, SEP Retrofit brings a wealth of ideas and experience to project teams by providing critical technical and managerial support throughout all phases of our projects.

SEP Retrofit has been recognized for its expertise in sustainability, green and LEED buildings by several organizations including the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Israel Green Building Council (ILGBC). SEP Retrofit is one of the few companies selected by the Environmental Office of Israel to become certified as an inspector for Green Building. This double certification allows our professionals to manage and plan the certification process with precision and lack of error. Additionally, we understand and have the ability to provide technical knowledge to our clients when it comes to the inspection of green buildings.

Company Certifications

5281 Israeli Green Building Standards Certification – Consultant

5281 Israeli Green Building Standards Certification – Inspector

360 Neighborhood Israel Certification (Equivalent to LEED ND Certification)

Listed Consultant at Ministry of Housing and Construction of Israel – Environmental Health, Smart Cities, Climate, and Ecology

USGBC LEED Certification


Maximum environmental thinking,
Minimum expenses.

For professional advice contact: 072-2203626